Week 5 - Offense
Ji'Laundre Edwards - #5
Portland Nightmare
25 rushes, 171 yards, 3 TD
Dre displayed his whole repetoire in the run game this weekend as he torched the Vancouver Venom for 171 yards. His shiftiness inbetween the tackles is unmatched, as he continues to rack up big rushing numbers.
Week 5 - Defense
Garth Schilling - #77
Benton Bulldawgs
6 tackles, 4 tfl, 1 sack
Garth Schilling and the Bulldawgs kept the Mafia's run game in check as they failed to get to even 3 yards per carry, and he constantly took away the lanes and swallowed up the runners in the backfield.
Week 5 - Special Teams
Garrett Schnell - #9
Benton Bulldawgs
Onside kick and recovery
The unassisted double play of the kicking game, Garrett Schnell noticed an open middle of the field on a kickoff and took advantage, rolling a perfect ball 11 yards and recovering to keep the momentum for his team.

Week 4 - Offense
Troy Hernandez - #10
Washington Sentinels
6/14 121 yards passing, 2 TD, 2 INT; 6 rushes 44 yards 1 TD
Troy started the scoring in this game with a scramble ending up in a touchdown. He never let up, connecting on long passing touchdowns to K. Carlson and V. Dortch en route to a 38-0 win and his team remains undefeated.
Week 4 - Defense
Michael North - #5
Washington Sentinels
4 tackles, 3 tfl, 3 sacks
As was constantly heard throughout the game from the Sentinels "This train has no brakes." I hope I quoted that correctly, either way, the sentiment holds true for the aggresive d-line. Led by North and his 3 sacks, the Sentinels held the Nightmare offense in check.
Week 4 - Special Teams
Ji'Laundre Edwards - #5
Portland Nightmare
3 kick returns, 53 yards
Dre Edwards led his team in rushing, receptions, and returning. He made the best of his opportunities in the kick return game setting up good field position for the Nightmare throughout the game.

Week 3 - Offense
Paul Johnson - #7
Benton Bulldawgs
10 rushes, 70 yards, 3 TDs, 3 2pt conversions
From start to finish Paul Johnson was having his way against the Venom defense. If it wasn't for two penalties, he would have had two more touchdowns as well. Regardless, he racked up the yards and the points to his first player of the week.
Week 3 - Defense
David Saylors - #33
Washington Sentinels
6 tackles, 2 tfl, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovered
David Saylors was all over the field on, getting a score on offense and a turnover on defense. On top of all that, he was the leading tackler in the game, and his all around performance for the Sentinels earned him week 3's defensive player of the week.
Week 3 - Special Teams
Ken Bossen - #11
Washington Sentinels
30 yard FG, 1 XP
Ken Bossen keeps using his leg to put points on the board for the Washington Sentinels, and while its mainly extra points, he nailed his first FG of the season (30 yards) to extend and hold the league in a championship rematch with the Mafia.

Week 2 - Offense
Ryan Jones - #12
Benton Bulldawgs
7/10 124 yards, 4 td / 3 rushes, 27 yards , 1 td
Ryan connected through the air on 70% of his passes, and 4 touchdowns to give his Bulldawgs a commanding victory in their PNFL debut. Ryan also used his legs on one of his 5 scores, rolling to the right and squeaking into the endzone.
Week 2 - Defense
Garth Schilling - #77
Benton Bulldawgs
8 tackles, 2 tfl
Garth and his fellow Bulldawg defenders must have made stuffing the run a priority, because they did just that. As a team, they allowed 12 yards on 13 attempts, mainly thanks to players like Schilling clogging the lanes and making tough on the Nightmare backs.
Week 2 - Special Teams
Ji'Laundre Edwards - #11
Portland Nightmare
2 KR, 86 yards
Ji'Laundre and his Nightmare had their struggles on offense, but once Edwards hit the open field on his two kickoff returns he let out his frustrations. Taking his first kick back 28 yards, and his second 58 yards giving his team much needed field position in a tough contest.

Week 1 - Offense
Malcolm Grady - #10
Portland Nightmare
5 catches, 196 receiving yards, 3 TDs
Malcolm kept his team alive in this one, hauling in 5 catches throughout the contest trying to stave off the Mafias the lead. Grady caught a 90 yard streak down the right sideline which tied the game at 20 late in the 4th.
Week 1 - Defense
Ken Bossen - #11
Washington Sentinels
1 interception, 1 fumble recovery, 2 TDs
While Ken did most of his damage kicking the ball through his uprights, he happened to be in the right place at the right time - twice- on defense this week. While not filling up the stat sheet on defense, he capitalized on two crucial mistakes taking two TO's back for scores.
Week 1 - Special Teams
Michael Smith - #23
Washington Sentinels
32 yard punt return TD
The Venom quickly learned their lesson, don't punt the ball to Michael Smith. He only needed one punt return to take it to the house, and it caused Vancouver to kick it away from him the rest of the game, giving them no options on 4th down.