The PNFL is a semi-pro full contact football league serving adults in the greater Portland market. The league's inaugural season kicked off in January, 2016, and is currently planning for its fifth season, set to kick off in March, 2019. The league was organized to create a truly one of a kind football experience that does not just begin and finish on game day – it lasts all week.

It is the goal of the PNFL to offer more than just a platform for fans and players to gather and enjoy the sport of football. With the help of a number of hardworking and dedicated individuals all sharing the same vision, the PNFL has set out to create a professional, one of a kind football experience that rivals any amateur sports league in the region. 

The PNFL strives to create a full-service league that, above all else, keeps the players and community's best interests as its primary focus. It is this belief that is shared by all of the PNFL's officers and volunteers, and truly stands at the core of our values.