In the fall of 2011 a group of longtime friends met up for drinks at a popular watering hole in Portland’s Historic Mississippi District. Packed into a corner table, these friends began discussing the possibility of assembling a team and signing up for one of the Portland area’s many great recreational sports leagues for adults. Having already participated in various basketball and soccer leagues in the area, there was no doubt which sport this group of friends wanted to sign up for next – tackle football.

For the rest of the evening the conversation revolved entirely around football. Items of discussion included who was going to play which positions, which type of offense to run, whether to run a 3-4 or a 4-3 defense, and who among the group was actually capable of being a serviceable kicker or punter. Just the thought of padding up and playing football was exciting, and everyone returned to their homes that evening looking forward to officially signing up and getting the season underway.

Among this group of friends was Scott Riley, who took it upon himself to do research the next day to figure out which league would best suit he and his friends, but he discovered something very surprising – there were no open registration tackle football leagues in the area. Scott shared his findings with his friends, all of whom shared his disbelief and disappointment. But, rather than laying the idea to rest and moving on, Scott turned his attention to understanding why no such league existed. In a city where adult sports leagues flourish – basketball, soccer, softball, flag football, etc. – it seemed unusual that no such league existed for the most popular sport in America.

What Scott found wasn’t an obstacle, but rather an opportunity. After months of research and consulting more experienced individuals for advice, Scott developed a plan for creating an open registration tackle football league for adults in the Portland market. Knowing he couldn’t do it alone, Scott approached his longtime friend, Tom Chandler, and together they founded the Pacific Northwest Football League. Soon after, Scott and Tom recruited Bob Valentine, Chris Nickel, and Josh Riley to fill out the officer team, and these five officers, along with a network of dedicated volunteers, have made it their goal to bring a truly one of a kind football league to the Northwest.