Name: Josh Riley

Born: August 7, 1980 / Vancouver, Washington

Measurables: 5'10" / 165 lbs

Position: Art Director

College: School of Hard Knocks

Favorite Class in School: Science

Favorite Movie: Netflix


Fed up with being the worst athlete on every sports team he played for, Josh Riley focused on an artistic career by dropping out of high school super early and taking a job with a local software company that made art software. Since being quit/fired from that job, he has worked for McDonald's, a Funeral Website maker, and some telephone installation contractors.  He cooked for a shitty sports bar,  coached his daughter's softball team, was arrested twice for alcohol related offenses, and finally started his own art studio that became the stepping stone to eventually working on video games, and finally, movies for Sony Pictures Imageworks. Now when he is not working on next year's summer blockbuster, he is producing his own web series called 'Latechow' on YouTube.  When his brother Scott told him about the PNFL, Josh jumped at the chance to be apart of the league, offering up his talents to draw pictures, edit poorly shot videos, and write this bio in third person.