VANCOUVER - When the PNFL schedule for this season was released, there was one game that certainly stood out and carried much intrigue and implications - Mafia vs Sentinels.

After battling for the inaugural PNFL championship last season, the Mafia and Sentinels squared off at King's Way Christian in Vancouver for their only regular season match of the season. Not only did this game carry championship implications, but there was also much pride on the line.

After a scoreless first quarter, the Sentinels were able to use their depth and discipline to strike first. Once the seal was broken, there was no looking back for the Sentinels. The defending champs were able to impose their will en route to a dominating 22-0 victory.

The Mafia entered Saturday's game missing a number of key players that surely would have helped them keep pace with the defending champs. Despite a strong effort from a number of players, turnovers and a lack of bodies ultimately hurt the Mafia, who suffered their first defeat of the season.

With the victory, the Sentinels continued their streak of dominance and firmly placed themselves in the championship conversation for the second consecutive year. The Mafia, with a difficult remaining schedule that includes two matchups with the Bulldawgs, still control their own destiny and can guarantee themselves a spot in the championship game if they win out. The road to the title, however, just got exceedingly more difficult for the Mafia.

The Sentinels play the Portland Nightmare next week at King's Way Christian, while the Mafia have the week off with their first of two bye weeks for the season.