VANCOUVER - The Nightmare came up north to take on the undefeated Sentinels on a scorching hot day at Kings Way Christian. Unfortunately for the Nightmare they were low on numbers from the start, but they played hard and smart throughout the afternoon.

A rough beginning of the game didn't help matters, as the Nightmare turned it over on their first play from scrimmage. Shortly after, Troy Hernandez of the Sentinels ran in a scramble to get the first points on the board. In the next quarter, Hernandez found Kyron Carlson on a pass that led to pay dirt to push the score to 16-0.

The Portland Nightmare weren't going to let the Sentinels have it easy though, on their next two trips to the red zone the Nightmare defense intercepted Hernandez twice in the endzone, the latter resulting in a huge return right before halftime, flashes of James Harrison in the Super Bowl sporting the yellow and black. 

The second half played out a lot like the first, and saw Kyron Carlson hit the scoreboard again with a pick-six in the third. To wrap-up the game, Hernandez found Vidal Dortch on a long pass for a touchdown, and then powerhouse runningback (and two-point conversion specialist) Ronald Briggs found the endzone right before time expired in the game.

With major play makers out for the Nightmare, it was hard for them to keep up with the run and gun Sentinels offense. They played smart and stingy defense, just lacked the depth to stay up to speed. Next week that all looks to change as they take on the Venom on August 21st at noon in Hillsboro, Oregon at Hare Field.

The Sentinels take their 3-0 record to a bye week, where they can rest up before taking on the Venom in week 6.