Name: Thomas Chandler

Born: April 16, 1988 / Palmer, AK

Measurables: 6'1" / 235 lbs

Position: Vice President

College: Clark College / Washington State University

Favorite Fabric: Denim

Quote: "Horses are our future."


Born in the icy tundra of the Alaskan wilderness, survival has always been paramount in Thomas’ pursuit of prosperity. After connecting with the ethos of the native tribes, the great moose spirit converged with Thomas’ to give him the courage and guidance to better society. The whole ordeal looked similar to the scene in the Power Rangers movie when they get their new zords after they fight the rock creatures.

With this new power, Thomas traveled to the state of Washington to pursue greener pastures. Arriving in Vancouver during George H. W. Bush’s presidency, Thomas has become immersed in the lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest. If he isn’t drinking coffee or a local microbrew, you’ll find him hiking one of the area's many great trails, or possibly fishing and camping at a beautiful lake in the Columbia River valley. Not really though, you’d most likely find him at his day job working in the billing department at Charter Communications or working on this crazy dope website you’re on right now.  

 For hobbies. Thomas has become an esteemed member of the underground rap community. You may know him as one of his alter egos or stage names; Professor Murder, Sir Skrilla, or the holiday special Abominable Flowman. Sports are a big thing too, obviously. Very much enjoys sports. He currently plays organized basketball with his friends, as well as recreationally when given the chance. Growing up in the area, Thomas and this aforementioned group of friends played tackle football at a local churchyard in the area nearly every weekend from middle school thru high school, and besides school sports there was never an outlet for them to play together. Many brainstorms, vulcan mind melds, pow-wows, and soul-searching sessions have led him and Scott to the solution to that problem, the Pacific Northwest Football League.